Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Wreckage 1998

Cast a Shadow on me,
I feel your gift,
I am now the mortal and I paint this image.

The large cedar stump which lived once on another shore was cast away,
Just like I.
Of whom was a mere figurehead on some mystical medieval ship,
Worshipped and sculpted from oak.

Maybe a Patron,
Or nobleman which sees many visions,
From another world to which many others dare to breath,
May have been awoken from a dream which all of us resist.

I know I broke away from my berth like you,
Once upon a long,
long time,
And I have washed ashore as well.

The storm of relentless abandoned swept my body adrift,
Into a passage unknown,
Just fortune sent me alongside your wreckage.

Soon another storm will set us in motion,
And the water of colours,
Which Expressed by the Artist,
Only can feel the depths of life.

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