Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Oak Street Bridge 1993

I love this view of the Fraser River that is represented in this pretty oil. These structures all situated near one another were used by my ancestors, relatives and even myself. That interurban trestle bridge from the early 20th century is the way people from the other municipalities would travel closer; at the many nearby stations they would board a trolley car then a bus and finally reach Vancouver. In 1959 it all ended and the attractive Oak Street Bridge was soon open for use, people would travel now in their vehicles. All still remains except for Bridgepoint Public Market, where I shopped for my produce, it was built in the late 1980's and abandoned in 1992. Around 2001 its History was Lost and demolished and a casino was built; it attracts some undesirable elements of society and looks unfinished. An eyesore alongside the Fraser River which many people never look at or talk about anymore. I'm sure after it has served its purpose that property will be flipped, then torn down, hopefully something beautiful rises again on that site.

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