Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Gray Whale...May Love To Stay More in the Fraser 2010

If these waters could cleanse that False Creek,
Perhaps more vivid dreams could surface,
Only to impress that wanderer,
Its form so beautiful,
And warm-blooded like us,
The months have gone by now,
Its glistening ashen body,
Frolicked and searched,
In that wasteland of neglect and abuse,
Land that seems to revive,
Time heals but will only hide,
Cold facades and concrete replicas,
The soils secrets,
Still leaches their toxicity,
Back into that ancient waterway,
Settlements in this estuary,
From the First people,
Their Nations harmed none,
And left silent talk,
Their spirits may have called out,
People of our times,
Friendly and excited,
Will run to the decks and wave on,
But the whales language still searched,
In its ancestral waters,
And moved on and away
And out to Jericho Bay,
Without play in its liquid world,
Its watery breath sighed,
Please come back another day,
Seen last from Spanish Banks,
Come back to us along this Rivers Bank.

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