Saturday, July 3, 2010

And Once There Was A Cannery 1991...

As if I was walking back in time,
Only the trails of Boundary Bay,
Still hold that certain mystic for me,
I love revisiting those places painted,
That time would never relinquish
Those faded memories stripped away by familiarity,
Which is beauty,
Resting stoically in places untamed,
And weathered by the elements,
Still lives on in this painting,
And the many more images ready for the reveal,
Perhaps its form no longer rests along that slough,
The luscious land,
The sea with all its baggage,
And the space around,
Companions of my West,
One would love to wonder,
Even the winds hushing breath,
As it flows through the cottonwoods,
Teases the crying willows away from my attentions,
Would leave us all dreaming and wishing,
To stand now at the very spot,
Where the years have gone by but I have clocked,
My youth taken away mercilessly by time,
If closing ones eyes real tightly,
And opening them quickly,
Could reveal the beauty which once stood there,
Please Sun aid in reviving that dream,
I have seen your waves of heat,
Transform this land,
Into that mirage,
Which would help me in my dreams,
And reveal the wooden cannery once more to me.

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