Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wild Rabbits of Richmond 2009

Exquisite wild rabbits dashed about the land,
If only those heartless people loved and respected their pets,
Instead they found their cuteness very short-lived,

Every living creature grows to adulthood,
Some people treat others in the same way,
Casting them out to fend for themselves,

But the cruel have even thrown away their babies,

Some humans behave like animals,

The warmth of the day overwhelmed me,
I dared not to rest as a dream would begin,

A sudden fear came upon me as I hopped around,
Finding my form no long familiar,
But transformed from a Man to a Rabbit,

I was now in that nightmare chased and badgered into anguish,
The others somehow that moment; in this cloudy dreamland were impartial,
No one cared but fed on leftover red berries and greens,
Ignorant munching and we all very alike,
Except the colours of our fur were of different shades,

I, trapped in that body of a bunny,
And now been chosen for culling and I cared,
If they only knew how human I once were,

We're not worthless but living beings,

The rest had been hit about the head,
Shot at,
Or shocked into intrepidity,
"Run bunnies run!",
I squealed in rabbit talk,
"To our burrows",
But it was to late,

A smash to the back of my head,
The tears along my eyes awakened me to a moist conclusion,
And my sealed lids began to lift,
That parkland in Richmond materialized into a mirage of reality,
My head hit back to the trunk of the tree,
I had dreamt upon moments earlier.

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