Saturday, May 30, 2009

Peace Amongst the Island of Saturna 2003

The congregation of these Souls not lost,
But as adventurers seeking the same dreamy consequences,

The pretty view a shock to the earthbound hiker,
An hour trek to the bluff left many breathless but without any regrets,
Every ration was consumed with almost religious ritual,

People paired up in a protective compromise,
Which is the silence to their vulnerability; perhaps warding off demons,
Most are good and all were seeking peace and connection to life,

The Artists happily search the area in the perfect early morning light,
Capturing that moment as a reflection for all time,

Sunworshippers absorbed the rays of heat,
With exposed sunblocked skin in their colourful suits,

Many hikers were rewarded with the beautiful view of the Islands of the Gulf,
Moments later they would be replaced with other visitors wearing different apparels,
Somewhat like that quickening light of the day; which changed the landscape,

The small cove protected the overnight boaters in a restful haven,

And in the lower pastures and wildflower fields,
Feral horses would roam and graze on the sweet grasses and wildflowers,

All was perfect that day,

The movement was in a slow transcendental rhythm,

To the kaleidoscope of that island.

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