Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Clouds which Shroud 2008

You distant clouds high up in the atmosphere,
Slowly with the curvature of the earth come into my consciousness,
Are you ready to encapsulate this sphere,
Remembering once many many springs and the sweet fragrance of Mother Earth,
Will trigger a fondness from the Heavens,
I below would throw the soft blanket over my form protecting me from the unknown,
I really wonder what damage you could inflict on the blue body of the planet below,
The shuttering alder leaves beautifully dance with the breeze,
You Artist rest from the ache in your neck,
Each tier of the clouds rolling gently by,
That invisible force I wish would lift me too; high into the sky,
One could imagine to reach up and taste the delectable soft meringues,
A flash of the sunlight would challenge the opening,
But another fluffy saviour surely would fill that space,
One can dream in a sequence and explore the Clouds which Shroud,
Only the Alder and it's towering friends have seen this game,
In the Woodlands still unnamed.


anil sasidhar said...

thank you for your comments. you are a great i expecting more comments in future.

thank u for your visit


Richardson said...

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your visit.