Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Spring Sanctum 1997

As that forest breathes with vitality and new life,
One will search to God for a gift in this abundant strife,
Spreading out in the dawn with the dew on the plants,
Dare to rejoice and express and entrance,
Sometimes the trails are foreboding to venture,
The owls in their daytime slumber will call out and guard like centaurs,
Racing for that perfect light and playing to invent,
Another language of my visual attempts,
Silence, please prevail,
And demons off those trails.
Catching a glimpse of the red-eyed, wild dogs as they wail.
Forest damsels save the song for a chorus must be won,
The jade greens, chartreuse, limes and viridian, all licking at the bark for fun,
Nature's wonderful scent and the winds seek to numb the living,
We all know that time has begun to reach into our conscious shivering,
Time to leave, but yet, bring back the moment of Seeing,
To never forget, but reach out for one's Being.

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