Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Arrivals 2006.

Without fail every Spring the familiar species of birds arrive and the enjoyment begins for me. I love those Tree Swallows and their aeronautical antics; with gliding effortless flight. Which are in fact, the way they feed themselves and keep the insect population in control. The Yellow-headed Blackbirds, I feel are quite rare these days and the breeding pairs with that distinctive caw, will nest in the cattails. They choose to set up home far out in the marsh waters because it's the only safe place to raise their young. The Red-winged Blackbirds are the early arrivals in the cold Spring air and naturally use the same nesting routine. Animals are driven purely by their instincts and the young learn by watching their parents. The meadow-larks, weaver finches, sea and tidal ducks, dozens of other songbirds and those beautiful hummingbirds will make their annual visit to the marsh too: and I'm thrilled to see every one of them. In July practically not a bird in sight, and the plants have set seed, and another glorious Spring done.

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