Saturday, May 3, 2008

Canada Geese Family Grazing on White Daisies 1998

After I arrived at that park near Spanish Banks, a family of Canada Geese and those downy sweet goslings came out of the pond and began to vary their diet from the algae and aquatic plants; grazed on the white daisies and grasses as we kept each other company and walked up and down the little hills. Meanwhile, all around chaos ensued; the shouting and feuding from on-leashers and off-leashers running their out of control dogs and crying from children being knocked over. A goose is a tough bird and can fend off a badly behaved dog and protect it's young. Naturally it's the owner that's the problem. Unfortunately, lots of people discriminate against the geese but lots love them too. They're a living creature and they never harm anyone. The geese and us couldn't care less and carried on moving along the hilly parklands and onto another pond with nesting red-winged black birds. Plop...plop...plop and that family was floating away and we left too.

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