Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boundary Bay Cannery X11 Revisited 1989

She sparkled after that tantalizing storm of hail,

I sat hunched but not broken,

But painted an homage to the form,

The beams and planks all sighed in relief,

Also the roof and sidings expelled the soaking back into the slough,

We all waited for and prepared once more,

For Expression,

Only the time will reveal the moment,

Her supports looked rattled but familiar,

Those waves still badger all but licked in a delicious rhythm,

And now the salty breeze returned to awaken back all who dared to remember.


alex~at~aufdemaur said...

I really like all the descriptions you leave with each work. It's always neat to get the back stories. Or rather, with each work an artist creates, their painting carries them through a period of time (whether it's a feeling or a mood or the events going on around them) and they carry with them those emotions. It's neat to hear those emotions/expressions voiced outloud, in a poetic, thoughtful way. (hope that made sense! ha ha)

Adam I Zucker said...

I agree with the previous poster. Your work is very expressive and needs no words because the magic comes out of the paint, yet it is always great to read the artists' personal reflections after they created the piece. Your landscapes are excellent. Have you seen the landscapes of Tony Vevers?

Richardson said...

Hi alex-at-aufdemaur,
Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

Richardson said...

Hi Adam,
Thanks for your nice remarks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richardson

I have just found your site after you kindly left a message on my blog. It's always a pleasure for me to look at other artists' work, and you truly have a great talent. You and I are both lucky enough to live in beautiful areas, and I can see you make the most of local scenery to inspire you. I love the way you write what you're feeling as well. I'm so glad you led me to your site.

Best regards


Richardson said...

Hi Stella,
Thank-You for your sweet comments and I appreciate you visiting my site.