Saturday, August 9, 2008

Campbell River Park 2002

When visiting Langley I usually stop at Campbell River Park and explore the different terrain and trails. You can hike or even go horse back riding on the designated horse trails. Hiking is usually my preferred method of travel in this park and in the lower valleys I've come across the little Campbell River. It is hidden most of the time by the vastness of trees, and hilly alcoves, but I always make a habit of visiting it and know where it rests. I painted this little oil on the yellow wild iris's I always find in late spring. The flow of the slow waters of the Campbell River is so peaceful and serene as it meanders behind me, and it's always teaming with activity from the birds, insects, and flowers which congregate near their water source. It's always exciting when I head back through the ravine trail and catch a glimpse of a deer or some other wild animal, perfectly still and trying not to be discovered by me, but to blend in with the plants and trees. It now has to use the park for its daytime refuge, since its night fall jaunt has forestalled it there for awhile.

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