Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dressed All In Their Snow 1983

Their liquid body’s heavy in nimbus space,
With drifting motions that create,
But are never to late,
In time they’ll release in a mizzle throughout,
Begin your descent I dare you to doubt,
It is the order from that place,
High-up in that atmosphere,
With the air so thin,
Birds would fear and never come to near,
You’ve all traveled among those beautiful white vapors,
Released for all the showers,
Formed within the hours,
You’ve fallen into winters clutch,
Its air mass frigid with hands,
Who would dare to touch?
They float and fly now,
Like fluttering white ice crystal dancers,
They will fall and dance for all,
Each unique and minuscule,
Their frozen molecules,
Geometrically designed for this time of the year,
Our breath chilled away,
But seen only on these days,
The land and everything touched by this flow,
As they have dressed all in their snow.

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