Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Serene Bank 2000

As to persuade the other lifes from this vehicle,
One would love to search this river of mixed consequences,

Journeying towards the landing,
Far out on those familar waters,
Becomes always an adventure with the same result,


Even the blue heron which seem so peaceful too,
Sees below those sparkling molecules,
And when their spring is released the morsel is enjoyed,

Sometimes when I See and Feel,

Revealing that certain tranquility,

What's beneath all that wonderful sparkle?,

A kingfisher up in that mountain ash would wonder too,
All drama and sometimes a missed opportunity,

The wading marine animals prod and venture along in search for a meal,
Many meaningful splashes from the salmon,
My eyes dart towards those shining indications,
Sometimes a waving tail fin in conclusion,

And a hand wave back in play,

It's been a long beautiful day,

Travellers away for many years,
They'll arrive soon in the waterways of their youth,

Work and days over; as the tide hurries me back up the serene bank.

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