Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shades in the Park of Gray 2002

That gray morning with the layers of wine and the auburn foliage,
With the furtive days of winter behind hopefully,
Even the harlequin ducks and mallards would mock the visitors,
With their quacking of "see you soon and don't be a stranger?!?",

Only the resident coyote with its coat all tawny and ragged,
Trying to blend into that landscape knows,
The silky grays would somehow distort by the tints of sunlight,
Its heat and light blocked out by the stubborn low clouds,

I would proclaim, "leave you persistent winter,
My body still aches from your chills",
That season this year reared more snow,
Challenging the artist with frostbitten fingers,
And numb lost dreams,

At last the warmth and the giving light from the shy sun,
Would defeat those graying days,
Quit being so somber park along the Fraser river,
Only the sensual waters know how to tease your inhabitants,

Sloughs play the game,
And the frolic begins with the tidal ducks,
Caressing them gently throughout the channels,
As the cedar bridges and walkways aid the visitors,
Whom become the show,

It seems somewhat the playful tidal ducks and their relations,
All sparkling beauties call out to one another,
With winged excitement and sloppy landings,
More come to the park of gray,

Probably to watch the humans with their gray faces and empty stares,
It's better they don't know the bobbing spectacles,
Floating happily at their watery places,
In their colorful feathered outfits,
Bring the coming of spring to that park dressed in gray.

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